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Important Update!

Good morning everyone!

This is a very important post, so I ask you to please take the time to read it completely through, as it impacts your participation at Taikopalooza.

About Forms:

Taikopalooza is so different from any events out there... mostly because it relies on everyone taking part and helping to make it happen! Without that, it doesn't work. In order to make that happen, it is quite an administrative undertaking, and also relies very heavily on me collecting information from YOU.

So when a new questionnaire or form comes out for you to fill out, I know it can feel tedious, but it is very necessary. Trust me, I HATE filling out forms too. But I LOVE Taikopalooza, and in order for me to have the information I need to plan it, I need YOU to fill out the forms.

The last form was our Accommodation form. EVERYONE needs to fill it out.

I am asking everyone to fill this out by March 10th so that I can continue planning TP5. For those who have not filled this out by March 10th, I will assume you are no longer coming to Taikopalooza and your spot will be given to someone on the waiting list.

Here is the link once again:

Thanks everyone who has filled it out already! You make my job super easy and it is MUCH appreciated!

Our next step will be planning meals, so that's the next form to be looking for... probably sometime in April:)!

Thanks again for your help :)


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